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Spring stopped by the neighborhood this week

The snow is melting.  You can hear water steadily trickling through the downspouts as temperatures warm from the deep freeze that set in this month. Highs touched 60-degrees on the stoop Wednesday afternoon. The snow that fell on Monday - on top of what we already had on the ground - isn't going to last much longer.  Quite a change. Spring seems to be knocking on my door. Before I know it, the daffodils will wake up, push themselves to the surface and unfold their yellow petals in the bright sunshine. Ugh ...  I'll miss the grey of winter.  With apologies to the people of Texas, I like short days and cold, cozy evenings with a warm blanket in my lap while reclining in my favorite chair, watching a "Star Trek" episode I've already seen a gazillion times. There's something to be said for the warmth of the familiar, so long as the power stays on.  From time to time, I dream of extending the winter season by moving to Canada. And when I was younger, I had a fascin