Ready For Summer To Go Away

I never like wet weather more than when it hasn't rained in a while. And when it started drizzling late this week, I was nothing if not enthusiastic.

Dark clouds hung over the neighborhood Friday morning.

And it was wet outside.

And cool.

And while the brittle, brown grass in my yard soaked up the moisture, I enjoyed - really enjoyed - a hot cup of coffee on the stoop for the first time in what seemed like ages.

Quite a change from the blazing sun of the day before, when coffee on the stoop was as out of the question as getting our Big Dog Rodney to heave himself up off his favorite air conditioning vent.

But while Friday may have dawned cool and wet, overall the neighborhood this week remained locked in that frustrating place between summer and fall, when cargo shorts and Crocs vie with jeans and boots for the order of the day.

In less than 24 hours, my neighborhood went from the extreme of summer - with temperatures flirting with 100 degrees - to highs that only nudged up to near 70, if that. It was as if the weather was taking its cues from the political climate, see-sawing back and forth from the extremes with the middle ground all but abandoned.

I thought the changing of the seasons was settled eons ago. Winter moderates into spring, which heats up into summer, which gives way to the welcome relief of autumn. The seasons are the age-old, established order of things. But in this era of climate change, summer and fall seem to be in some sort of winner-take-all cage match. It would be nice if  they could just meet in the middle, shake hands and let nature run its seasonal course.

For now at least, I'm free to go outside without worrying about collapsing from heat stroke. In fact, when I took Rodney out for his lunchtime bathroom break on Friday, I made like Leonardo DiCaprio on the prow of the Titanic - I spread my arms wide. And while I refrained from proclaiming myself "KING OF THE WORLD!" it was nice to let the cool breeze air out my pits after sweating so much over this blog post.

Autumn is my favorite season. And it will eventually banish summer for another year - the Earth's tilt will see to that. But the weather app on my phone says temperatures will be in the 80s this weekend and near 90 degrees again early next week.


Getting tired of living in-between. Seems whoever advised "moderation in all things" needs to sit down with summer and work out an exit plan.



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