I'm Not Saying I Made A New Year's Resolution, But If I Did I'd Be Worried Right Now

I've been trying my best to post here at least once a week. And I have to say I've been pretty good about it.

Since the beginning of the year, I've written mostly about how my luck has held up in the face of adversity.

First, there was my car. It started acting up as the year turned. And then my rickety old heat pump threatened to take its last breath. Both situations sparked great anxiety for the health of my bank account.

In the end, though, I made it through the financial crucible because the problems I had with my car and then my heat pump weren't as bad as they seemed at first blush. Sure I had to shell out a few bucks here and there, but each could have been a whole lot worse. At least, my bank account (such as it is) is still intact.

In any case, I could acknowledge that writing a post a week was a New Year's resolution, but I'm not going to because that would mean admitting failure.

But if I HAD made such a resolution, at least I would be in good company. According to this U.S. News and World Report article from a few years ago, 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February.

Assuming I had resolved to post once a week (I'm not saying I did), then according to U.S. News, I was right on schedule for my resolution to join so many others in being tossed straight out the window.

I could blame my boss for not posting last week.

He needed someone to work in the newsroom and he got me to do it by including these guys - $$ - in the text message he sent asking if I might be available to work an extra shift.

Dollars signs are to me what a carrot is to a donkey - dangle them in front of me and I'll pull that cart anywhere you want. After all, I've got a kid in college and another preparing to go. And don't forget about cars and heat pumps. I might have escaped a crushing financial hit where they are concerned, but I can't help but think their troubles last month were a warning of things to come.

Blaming my boss for not posting last week would not be entirely fair. Yes, I was busier than normal. But if I really wanted to live up to my resolution post something, I would have made the time.

I didn't. 

A superstitious man might fear that breaking a resolution (I'm not saying I did) would change his luck. But as I said in my most recent post before this one, I'm generally not all that superstitious.

That post was about how I escaped a big dentist bill, much like I escaped financial stress over my car and my heat pump. I had been having sensitivity problems, but instead of a root canal, my dentist simply replaced a filling.

But that post was also about my fear that I might have jinxed myself because I trimmed my beard. Couple that with my failure to live up to my resolution post last week, and you begin to see why my next visit to the dentist left me somewhat fretful (not that I'm at all superstitious).

On Thursday, I ended up having a root canal anyway. It was on a different tooth than the one that got a replacement filling, but still - it could mean that my luck has changed for the worse.

Or not.

Either way, it doesn't hurt to pay attention to the vagaries of life for signs of things to come. That's why I forced myself to sit down and write this post.

So far this year, I've escaped financial calamity.

I'd like to keep it that way (not that I am IN ANY WAY superstitious).


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