Game Day Coffee On The Front Stoop

Too wet for the stoop.

A steady rain this morning washed out that idea. 

Instead, I elected to stay dry. I set up shop in the garage, where I unfolded a lawn chair to sit in to welcome the rain. It's bringing cooler temperatures to the neighborhood after enduring days under a blazing hot late summer sun. Trading a T-shirt and shorts for a sweatshirt and jeans seems to be a good idea.

Opting for the garage may have kept me out of the rain for the moment, but I'll be getting wet soon enough. It's college football GAME DAY. And with rain remaining in the forecast through tonight, we're headed to Morgantown for West Virginia University's home opener. 

For my wife and me, the game is an added bonus instead of the main attraction. We're really going to watch our son and his WVU marching band crew perform their halftime show.

It's going to be a wet one. Think I'll add a poncho to my game day wardrobe. 


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