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A Fresh Start

I usually post over at Wordpress , at least when I post on a blog at all these days.  The last time I put something up over there was in January and I had just gotten home from taking my daughter to school. I simply posted a YouTube video of the best song we blasted on the radio while dodging interstate traffic that morning.  I've since let that blog slide.  Out of Boredom?  Maybe ... probably ... very likely. Earlier this summer, I decided a change might motivate me to post more often. I tried Medium , but I remain unsure if it's the proper avenue for my shtick. I finally opened my Google account this week, and on a whim, thought Blogger might do the trick.  And here I am. If this space on the Internet still looks like a highway work zone, I apologize. I'm still in the process of deciding how I want things to look.  In the meantime, don't be thrown by the traffic cones.  And by all means, slow down.  The lanes may shift unexpec