Haircuts, beard trims and a little more on Porte

Here's something that shouldn't be remarkable but is  - being fully vaccinated means I get to resume my normal haircut schedule, butt in the barber chair every two weeks, or as near to payday as I can manage.

A small victory after happily exposing myself to the credulity stretching possibility that the DEEP STATE is using the vaccination effort to implant some sort of tracking device in my left bicep. Why some shadowy government apparatchik would want to keep track of where I go and what I do is beyond me. And don't smart phones already do that anyway? 

In any case, I'm boring. 

A homebody, if you must know.


I like watching Star Trek and writing stupid blog posts. I acknowledge the need for exercise long enough to walk Ornery Dog Jasper (ODJ) a couple of miles most days. 

That's about it - my everyday pandemic life in a nutshell, unless you throw getting my hair cut in there as well.

If I missed anything over this past year of social distancing, it's the barber shop. I missed the small talk and the comforting buzz of the clippers. 

Now that I've received both doses, I'm back to regularly indulging myself. 

At the last minute, I stopped by the barber shop Wednesday afternoon. I even got my biker beard trimmed (see previous post), something that seems to have never occurred to our friend David Hunter Strother, aka Porte Crayon. The man had a magnificently overgrown beard that appears to have turned white in his later years.

Don't know of Strother?

You're not alone. 

When I shared last week's post, a Twitter friend replied that he had to look him up on Wikipedia.

To answer the question, Strother was a travel writer and illustrator, who as Porte Crayon, was a rock star in his day. He regaled readers of "Harper's New Monthly Magazine" with his humorous stories of his travels from New England to North Carolina and Louisiana, along the way introducing them to the people of the Appalachian mountains before the backward hillbilly stereotype took hold. He also sketched John Brown just after the Harpers Ferry raid and was on hand in nearby in Charles Town for Brown's treason trial, sketching him again after he was hanged. 

Strother was a native of what is now West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle, a southerner who finished the Civil War as a Union Army Brigadier General. 

I've decided to spend this summer learning more about Porte. He sank into obscurity for a reason, right? He's not even well known among his fellow West Virginians. 

If, by chance, you're actually familiar with Porte and his travels, I'm open to suggestions on where to go and what to do. Leave them in the comments, either here or on Facebook or Twitter.

And don't worry. Any communication with me is not likely to draw the government's attention. I doubt I'm being tracked - unless my neighbors have banded together behind my back to make sure I'm cleaning up after ODJ. 


  1. Was your beard parted at your chin like Porte’s is in his military photo before you got it trimmed?

    1. I've never been man enough to grow THAT long!

  2. Tracking Porte's steps sounds like a true adventure and real vacation. Does ODJ go along?


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