Got my first dose and the Ornery Dog has started school


I admit it. 

It's nice to step out to the stoop in the morning with a hot cup of coffee. And it's been a pleasure to open the windows to air out the house. It's almost like the breeze is stripping away all those worries about the pandemic that have been trapped inside all winter.

"Resistance is futile" as the Borg warn on "Star Trek TNG." And maybe they're right. 

My wife's daffodils don't need any more encouragement. They are now fully awake and the two Bradford Pear trees in my front yard will soon be in full bloom. 

I give up. 

Spring, you win. But while you can consider me assimilated into the Borg Collective, I still don't have to like cutting the grass. It's drudgery, even for a Borg drone.

After this week's rain, though, it looks as though my lawn mower is about to make its first appearance of the season - perhaps even as soon as this weekend, unless I can I find an excuse to put off cutting my weeds grass. I could fake a fever, but my wife, the dog walker, is wise to that move. And besides, now is not the time to pretend to be sick. Too many of us really are.

Despite the coronavirus still spreading and health officials warning the pandemic is far from over, seems to me this spring is bringing with it more than its usual share of optimism.

Need proof? 

This is hardly scientific, but just take a look at your Facebook or Twitter timelines. Bet you'll run across a picture that's becoming common this spring - a vaccination card, complete with a thumb in the corner. 

A symbol of renewal, much like spring itself. 

More and more people are getting vaccinated. My wife got her second dose Monday evening. My son and I received our first doses last week. 

Even Ornery Dog Jasper got stuck, albeit for a different reason. ODJ needed his shots updated so he could start obedience training. Time to start knocking some of the orneriness out of him. His initial class was last Friday. 

ODJ was understandably nervous on his first day of boot camp school. And it felt like his first day of kindergarten to me. But it wasn't long before we were heeling and sitting and heeling some more. 

We were doing so well that I was beginning to think that ODJ was going to behave himself. The trainer even commented that the two of us had a system, that we seemed to be in sync. But then ODJ's essential cussed nature reasserted itself. 

We had stopped heeling for a moment when it happened. ODJ was supposed to be sitting by my side. Instead, the trainer suddenly started shouting, "HE'S POOPING! HE'S POOPING!"

That dog is ORNERY!

Instead of sitting, ODJ was squatting.

The trainer kicked us both outside ... in case ODJ had more on the way. But our banishment was only temporary. We'll be back for another lesson. 

It's going to take more than a little poop to get him out of it.  


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