Couldn't we have just skipped the time change this year?

For those who were marveling as highs on the stoop touched the 70s last week, I say have a little patience - your lawn mower will appreciate it. 

Give the mower another week or two to work up to the rigors of spring. It's likely to be groggy after a long winter with nothing better to do than guzzle the beer stored in the garage fridge. It might have even put on a little weight. After all, those tater tots the beer washed down come with a price. 

No need to rush into cutting the grass.  

If you're one of the few who regularly catch up with me here, you know yard work is not one of my favorite things. It ranks up there (down there?) with the time change. - a harbinger of spring and  ... well, yard work. 

We all know people who look forward to moving the clocks up an hour, to having some extra daylight in the evening. They seem to be legion. 

I don't understand them. I'd sooner stand in line at the DMV. I view the time change as a conspiracy foisted upon us by extroverts who, by now, must be feeling desperate to gather in large groups, to interact, to reenergize themselves through human contact, to emerge from a long pandemic winter and spread their blooms wide to welcome spring and its promise of renewal.  

For the past year, it's been an introvert's world - a world for those of us who prefer to toil alone in the dark, writing stupid blog posts like this one. The pandemic forced social circles to shrink to a bare minimum and sent many of us home to make our livings. I've been #WFH since last May. 

Honestly, I don't feel like I've missed much. 

My truth is this -  that deep breath I used to take to prop myself up before stepping off the elevator and diving into a crowded newsroom? I no longer take it. I'm more enthusiastic about my radio newscasting gig than I have been in years.

Then again, I'm obviously not an extrovert. My Mom used to say that I'd be happy living in a cave as long as I had a jar of peanut butter and a remote control. Covid-19 has confirmed the truth of that. 

Anyway, seems to me like we could have skipped the time change this year, or maybe delayed it a bit as vaccine distribution ramps up. More evening sun strikes me as a bad idea, leading to the sort of get-togethers health officials are still warning against.

In any case, the daffodils and other early risers are beginning to show themselves around the neighborhood. The Bradford Pear tree that shades the stoop is beginning to bud and the grass will wake up and begin growing soon enough. 

Just ... be kind to your lawn mower. Take it slow. It probably has some cobwebs to shake off.  I mean, it hasn't been out in public for months, right?


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