What do you mean it's Christmas Eve? Or I should probably start wrapping presents

I'm confused.

Yeah, I know. That's not surprising. I appear, however, to be having trouble keeping track of the days of the week.

Damn pandemic.

I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday, December 23rd. Then my wife - clearly the more reliable timekeeper at my house - wished me a happy Christmas Eve as she ushered the dogs out back for their morning piddle.

I raised my eyebrows. "Christmas Eve?" I asked. I was alarmed. 

"Yes," she replied. And then more slowly, "The ... day ... before ... Christmas."

"How did that happen?" I wondered out loud from the comfort of my favorite chair. "I thought it was the day before the day before Christmas." Christmas Eve-eve. 

I checked the date on my laptop and sure enough, my wife was right. It's December 24th. Good thing she's around. If it were up to me, we'd be celebrating Christmas a day late - at least. 

Before my wife helped me get back on the correct day of the week, I had been quite pleased with myself. I got up this morning thinking I was going to get a jump on wrapping presents. Usually, I procrastinate and end up wrapping well past midnight on Christmas Eve - meaning it's already Christmas Day before I slink off to bed after making a hash of the presents I put under the tree. 

I'm not the most expert of wrappers. That's my wife's thing, one of her many talents aside from keeping track of the days of the week. She can make a present pop with a festive ribbon and a colorful bow, while my wrapped presents look like a cake that's fallen. Her presents - neatly wrapped and inviting - build anticipation for what may be hidden inside. Mine just evoke a strong sense of dread.

My wife is in the kitchen as I write this, getting out in front of the Christmas meal, just as she gets out in front of wrapping. She wraps each present on the day they are fetched home, or in the case of this pandemic year, delivered to our door. Most of  the presents I bought remain in the trunk of my car, along with all the toilet paper I've been buying to guard against another Covid shortage.

By the way, the weather forecast teased us this week. We went to bed last night thinking we might have a White Christmas this year. While my friends who live west of us, further into the mountains of my home state of West Virginia, are primed for snow, the precipitation here in the Eastern Panhandle now seems likely to remain a cold rain. And that rain is washing away what remains of the snow that fell last week. Soon the white, glacial islands that are clinging to the sides of driveways in the neighborhood will be gone. 

In any case,  rain or snow - the weather is making for an indoor day on this Christmas Eve. Probably a good thing. I've got presents to wrap. Don't want to be up too late tonight. 


  1. par for the course. we were lucky enough to have married planners. happy christmas, team snyder 🎄

    1. back at you, family maramba. and happy new year!


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