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At the barber shop ...

Judge me if you must, but ... I got my haircut this week. It was not a decision I made lightly or out of desperation, even though I was starting to look like that kid in my high school yearbook, the one I've been running from almost since the day I graduated. That kid had WAY too much hair.  I've always coveted good hair, the kind that falls gracefully around the shoulders. But the truth I've come to accept since my high school days is this - my hair is a mess. It does NOT fall gracefully. Quite the contrary, my hair grows UP, as if it were competing with trees for sunlight. And when it starts getting out of control, it requires generous amounts of product to keep it from looking like there's a giant puff sponge growing out of  my thick skull. In other words, if I don't keep it short, I have a natural bouffant. Jackie Kennedy did it better. I'm just thankful that before I sat for my regrettable senior portrait, I apparently shaved off that fuzzy mustach