Fine, it's my birthday so have at it.

I'm not a terribly religious man, so I hesitate to comment for fear of revealing just how much I don't know. Or worse, a heathen.

But even I recognize the solemn nature of today, Good Friday, the day Christians observe the crucifixion of Jesus during this Easter Season. And that's why I always feel a little odd when my birthday coincides with it.

I'm 56 today.

There was a time not that long ago when I'd share a few celebratory beers with friends or go out to a restaurant for dinner and a few more beers (or even something a little stronger).

Not now.

We're observing the mantra of our times and plan to "stay at home." And besides, celebrating a birthday seems out of sync with Good Friday. We will, however, likely be ordering takeout tonight. No better time than now to support local eateries.

Sticking with a low-key birthday is fine by me. It's the right thing to do to help flatten the curve. And besides, I don't like a fuss anyway. That's why I removed the date I was born from my Facebook profile several years ago.

All those FB "Happy Birthday" wishes?

Too much attention and I felt obligated to reply to each and every one. Overwhelming for an introvert like me.

Then again, maybe I doth protest too much. After all, here I am inviting an FB style avalanche of well wishes by writing about the day I was born as if being on the receiving end of attention is no big deal.

It is, though.


I won't mind if you don't wish me a happy birthday. I probably won't even notice. But if you feel compelled, I'm accepting "Happy Birthdays" in the comments.

In bold please.

And use an exclamation point!

By the way, last week I found a handful of N95 masks in my garage. They are the masks so sought after by health care workers to protect themselves from the new strain of coronavirus that causes COVID 19.

I bought those masks ... well, I don't really remember, likely years ago. I had it in mind to wear one while mowing to protect myself from grass pollen. But like so many things I buy, I never put them to use. They hung on a peg in my garage until today.

I figured I have no business having them in my possession, so I took them over to the hospital. 

We all do our part, when we can and in our own way.


  1. HAPPY 56TH, GILES! I hope you have had an enjoyable day under these less-than-optimal circumstances. My birthday is in June, and hope things will be marginally better. Judging from what I've heard on NPR, I'm cautiously optimistic.

    1. Here's to better times ahead, my friend. That or plenty of booze so we don't notice quite so much!

  2. Happy Birthday. You have mostly fluttered as a ghost for me, someone I know of via my family and friends, but one who is outside of my reality. Then I realized you are married to someone with whom I worked. And then you were a visionary guide for me in something I wrote. And then, holy moly, he's on NPR. Now we are kind of neighbors, me in Norther VA and you in the panhandle. All to say you are special. Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. We should probably do lunch some time, don't you think?

  3. Happy birthday in bold, you're welcome!

  4. I always think of the same thing every year on your birthday....when you called to tell me that Shep had been born and said, I guess it wouldn't have been a good idea to ask Trina to wait two more days.... :-) Still makes me smile. Happy birthday.

  5. i think we're on the same page as per the fb bd obligations. hope it was a good one. am i going to have to apply code here? happy birthday!


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