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The Kids Are Home For Thanksgiving

I woke up Tuesday morning to my son sprawled on the couch. He slept there with the TV on last night.  I'm not sure why he chooses the couch when he's home. He still has a bed here, after all.  It's a mystery. While he tried to doze some more, his younger sister knocked around the kitchen, looking for something to eat and heating water for tea after raiding my closet for a warm flannel shirt.  She's got her own flannels. I bought them for her so she'd stop wearing mine. But when she's home, she forgoes them in favor of dad flannel to ward off the chill of the season.  I'm not sure why.  Another mystery.  The kids are home from college for the Thanksgiving break.  And I have questions.

Puppy Pee, Fiona Hill And Growing Up Coal

As the public phase of the impeachment hearings in Washington, D.C., wrapped up this week, dark late November clouds hung over my neighborhood. And on the stoop Friday morning, the winds picked up with vigor, encouraging the Bradford Pear trees in my front yard to finally begin shedding their leaves. They are always the last to get undressed in the fall.  Waiting for them to catch up with the rest of the neighborhood trees is as frustrating as taking our new puppy outside for his final pee break before bedtime. Like the Bradford Pears, he's generally in no hurry. The wait is interminable, but if we don't make sure he piddles before bedding down for the night, the odds that we'll wake up to a squishy spot in the carpet are pretty much a sure bet.  Forget coffee.  Nothing wakes you up faster than stepping barefoot into a wet spot as your new puppy furiously wags his tail because it's finally time to go outside and bark at the neighborhood squirrels.

Highlights From My Twitter Feed

Some links that have turned up in my Twitter feed: Impeachment public hearings week two - who is testifying and what happens next - NPR What we learned from the first week of impeachment hearings  - NPR How FedEx Cut Its Tax Bill to $0 - The New York Times  Louisiana democrat Governor John Bel Edwards keeps seat despite trump's opposition  - NPR If I Touched the Moon, What Would It Feel Like? - The New York Times  In sports: Perspective | What once seemed impossible is now undeniable: The Redskins have lost Washington - Washington Post And for those who like to eat: Eat Like The Ancient Babylonians: Researchers Cook Up Nearly 4,000-Year-Old Recipes - NPR

This Weather Is For The Dogs

 If there is anyone at my house who likes cold weather more than I do, it's our dog Big Dog Rodney. And, of course, his little buddy, Jasper. They've been lounging beneath the chilly, November sun as if they are on the beach watching the waves roll in and reading a good book. I feel like I should slice up a lime and bring them a Corona.

If I'm Not Sleeping, No One Is

My wife calls my ability to nod off seemingly at will my "superpower." I think she's just jealous. She's a light sleeper. She's often up and prowling around the house at all hours of the night while I usually have no trouble slipping into a deep and satisfying coma. Today, however, I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and for the life of me could not find it within myself to doze anymore. Frustrating. A half-hour later I got up, thinking a trip to the bathroom might just put me back on the slumber train. Our fat cat Skitty must have heard me because when I emerged, she was waiting for me in the hall. Since Skitty is ALWAYS hungry, I made my way into the kitchen and gave her a handful of kibble before she could start whining about how we don't feed her enough. When I started to make my way back to bed, our new dog, Jasper, barked at me. Jasper is a puppy. Puppies ALWAYS have to pee, so I took him outside so he could relieve his little puppy bladder in the yard instea

On The Screen At My House Tonight

My wife and I usually walk our Big Dog Rodney and his new pal, Jasper, when she gets home from work. When she got home this evening, I was watching a South Korean thriller on Netflix. I paused it. We rounded up the dogs and off we went for the routine jaunt around the neighborhood. When we got back, I took one look at the screen and started questioning my food choices today.

Five Things - Veterans Day Edition

Here are links to some of the stories we were following in the newsroom this morning. New Phase For Impeachment Inquiry Begins This Week Hong Kong Protests A review of the new book by former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley This Morning's Launch Of Dozens of Satellites by SpaceX And for Veterans Day, this from a newsroom colleague. Remembering The 1st Veterans Memorialized By Veterans Day

Some Of The Stories We've Been Covering This Weekend

Here are some links to a number of stories included in the NPR newscasts we put together this weekend. And possibly a couple of things that weren't. Check back because I might add to this list. A Roundup Of NPR Stories About The Impeachment Investigation Germany Marks 30 Years Since Fall Of Berlin Wall  Australia Wildfires - three people are now reported dead and several are missing. Indian Supreme Court Rules Disputed Territory Belongs To Hindus And here's some candy: The BBC's Week In Pictures NPR Guide To Holiday Movies

After October Baseball, Now What Do I Do?

Now that the excitement of the Washington Nationals becoming the kings of October baseball appears to leveling off, I am at a loss as to what to write about this week. I suppose I could offer my thoughts on the Nats making their final bows. They had their parade in downtown D.C., last weekend, but I wasn't able to go because (a) I had to work and (b) I needed to be home in time for Trick or Treat - it was postponed from the actual holiday on Thursday because of stormy weather, which, come to think of it, seems appropriate for Halloween. The Nationals last public celebratory appearance came on Monday, with a visit to the White House. A handful of team members declined to go and President Trump awkwardly hugged Nats catcher Kurt Suzuki. Better if I just remain silent. Now that celebrations have ended, as if on cue, the weather is getting colder in my neighborhood - too cold to comfortably enjoy coffee out on the stoop. Even baseball can't keep the days from getting shorter

I Had An 'Avengers' Moment While Walking The Dog

My wife and I took our new pup, Jasper, for a walk along the C & O Canal towpath in nearby Williamsport, Maryland today. The towpath is popular not only with dog walkers, but also with cyclists, hikers, and joggers - one of whom warned us that he was hard on our heels with a simple "on your left" alert as he ran by. I didn't think about it. I immediately replied, "Thanks, Cap." -ggs

On World Series Baseball And Lucky Suspenders

Believe it or not. When the 7th inning of Wednesday night's winner-take-all World Series game rolled around, I decided it was time. So I strapped myself into my lucky Washington Nationals suspenders, slapped my Curly W hat on my head and was rewarded with ONE. MORE. COMEBACK. Moments after I put on my Nats gear, I stood in front of the TV and watched Anthony Rendon and Howie Kendrick hit their home runs in a game that had - up to then - been dominated by Houston Astros pitcher Zack Greinke. Greinke was, as baseball announcers like to say, "locked in." Through six innings, he dominated Washington batters, and he did it with an ease that was frightening. But then I put on my suspenders and my hat. Rendon provided the offensive spark the Nationals needed, hitting a solo homer into left field off Greinke, who then walked Juan Soto on five pitches and was promptly pulled from the game, a managerial move that seems likely to be debated this winter. That's b