Three Things: Baseball, Rain And A Puppy

Three things of note happened this week: my baseball team, the Washington Nationals, shook off their postseason demons, it finally rained in the neighborhood and my wife brought home a puppy.

I figure you're here for the pup.

Can't blame you.

He's a cutey.

But I'm going to make you wade through the first two things before I get to the canine finale. Sorry, but this is my corner of the internet and I call the shots here.

Nationals Win!

Speaking of shots - how about Howie Kendrick's tie-breaking 10th inning grand slam?

Man, I wish I had seen it.

I woke up Thursday morning bummed that I didn't stay up, but convinced that giving in to sleep was the right decision to make. I mean, the Washington Nationals beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in the decisive Game 5 of the National League Division Series!

The Nats brought baseball back to Washington, D.C. in 2005, but have never gotten past the division series - not in 2012, not in 2014, not in 2016 and not in 2017.

Now, they've won the right to play for more postseason glory against the St. Louis Cardinals. The Nationals have a chance to win the National League Pennant  -- FOR THE FIRST TIME.

I'm not necessarily a superstitious man, but I started to regret subscribing to Sling TV when the Nationals fell behind early against the Dodgers Wednesday night. Earlier in the day, I signed up for the free, seven-day trial so I could actually watch the game. After all, it was a win-or-go-home situation. Up to then, I'd either had to sleep through the games because of the hours I work, or listen to them on the radio because my super basic cable subscription doesn't include TBS.

When the feared Dodgers Ace Clayton Kershaw came on in relief and shut down the 7th inning with just three pitches, superstition finally got the best of me. I started thinking the Nats fortunes would turn around if I simply turned off Sling TV and went to sleep.

And so I did.

You're welcome, Nats fans.

If me falling asleep before the Nats overtook the Dodgers somehow appeased the baseball gods, then pass me the four leaf clover. I'll take good luck wherever I can find it.

Nats 7 Dodgers 3.

Rain actually fell in the neighborhood

I should have known this was going to be a happy week by the way it started. I'm not terribly religious, but I've been praying for rain and the neighborhood finally got a good soaking.

It rained after weeks of dry weather, uncomfortably bright sunshine, and brutally hot temperatures that made the neighborhood trees wilt and what passes for grass in my yard turn brown.

The wet weather made Monday night's commute to my job in Washington, D.C. a little slower, but I didn't mind. We needed it and could use some more, frankly.

The downside?

I'm going to have to cut the grass for the first time since August.

And now PUPPY!

Yeah, I know you want another picture so here it is.

My wife has named him Jasper after the dog in the novel "Rebecca" by Daphne Du Maurier. 

Jasper spent a week at animal control after she found him running down one of the main thoroughfares leading into our little town in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle. No one claimed him, so now he lives with us.

The animal control people apparently have a sense a humor. While he was with them, they outfitted him in Batman gear. They told my wife that "he's ready for Halloween" when she picked him up to bring him home this week. He's got a cape, too, but it didn't last long.

The vet we used to take our dogs to years ago would probably say he's a West Virginia Black and Tan dog. He'd be right, of course. But judging by his coloring, I'd say he's some sort of Rottweiler mix. Maybe with a border collie? You're guess is as good as mine, which is what our vet was really saying.

Jasper barks and growls when he meets new people, but quickly warms up and becomes an attention sponge. He's at my feet, likely hoping for a little love, as I write this.

Our German Shepherd, Big Dog Rodney, is showing him the ropes. They get along fine, although Rodney seems to roll his eyes at Jasper's puppy antics.

My wife and I believed that if anyone in our house would reject Jasper outright, it would be our fat cat Skitty. And while she hisses if he gets too close, it's our Little Tuxie cat who's having the most trouble. She won't even come inside if he's bounding around the house. And he pretty much does that all day. Little Tuxie's rejection surprised us because she's never been afraid of anything. In fact, she and our Big Dog Rodney are besties.

My theory? Nothing annoys cats like puppies. I suppose she'll either accept him the longer he sticks around or she won't. Time will tell.

Anyway, I know you want it. Here's another picture.


  1. Looks like some Austrailian Shepherd in there. Aussie intelligence demonstrated in "pretend scratching" as a means of tipping his head in a certain way and endearing him to you indelibly.

    1. Australian Shepherd is definitely a possibility. I don't know how accurate those doggie DNA tests are, but I think we're going to do it for fun. Might be interesting to see what comes up.


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