Another DIY Misadventure

If you liked my last post about my daughter crashing into the garage door, you'll love this. The only thing I ask is that you share it, whether or not you find my latest misadventure amusing. I'm that hard up for readers.

A couple of months ago, my wife started complaining about the clothes dryer. It wasn't doing its job very well. A load of towels took FOREVER to dry. They just kept tumbling around and tumbling around until we got tired of them TUMBLING AROUND and put them away somewhat damp.

The dryer itself seemed to be working properly. I mean, it wasn't having any trouble tumbling, right? So I figured its ability to actually dry our stuff was being affected by lint clogged inside the dryer duct. After considering my options, I drove over to the big box home improvement store and bought one of those LintEater kits.

Those kits come with a brush that attaches to a flexible rod that you can connect to another flexible rod and yet another flexible rod and yet another flexible rod until you have a flexible rod long enough to stretch the length of your duct. You use a drill to rotate the contraption.

There's a right way and a wrong way to use those things. The guy in this video demonstrates the right way.

Pretty cool, huh?

I don't have a shop vac, but the LintEater will still work okay without employing one. The first time I used it, a bunch of lint came spilling out of the vent on the outside of my house.

I used it the right way.

But I probably should have made a second or third pass up the duct because a few weeks later, my wife walked by as I was relaxing in my favorite chair watching "Star Trek" and said, "The dryer is having trouble, again."

No problem, I thought. I've got a LintEater! It'll take care of what's left of that clog in a snap!

The next day, I got cocky and used it the wrong way.

The LintEater comes with very specific directions. After showing you how to connect the rods properly, the instruction booklet offers this PRO TIP:
IMPORTANT: Always spin the drill in the Clockwise Direction as the rods may come apart ...
You see where this is going.

I neglected to check to see if my drill was in forward or reverse and ended up rotating the rods counterclockwise.

The upshot? The rod with the brush attached to the tip was missing in action - stuck in the duct.

I tried everything I could think of to get it out of there. I duct taped the hook of a hanger to the rods still available to me and tried to hook that brush as if it were an actor who won't get off the stage. I even had a friend come over with a leaf blower to see if we could blast it out of there.

Nothing worked.

When the last ditch effort failed, my leaf blowing friend looked at me and voiced what I feared would have to be done all along. He said, "I think we're gonna have to cut a hole in the ceiling."

My wife was not happy. But cutting a hole in the basement drywall beneath the laundry area was the only option left. There was simply no other way to access the duct, take it apart and fish that stupid brush out of there.

It took some doing, but the brush is no longer stuck and our dryer is happy again.

But problems beget problems.

I have a huge hole in my basement ceiling that needs patched.

Remind me again why I bought a house?

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