The Story Of Our Neighborhood This Summer

We've lived here in our corner of Martinsburg, WV for more than 13 years. And yes, the water rises from time to time in the lower part of the neighborhood. That's nothing new.

This summer, however, has been different. I've lost track of the number of times the water has overwhelmed the road and poured into the well-kept lawns across the street from the low ground where the deer normally meet to plot their attacks on our shrubs. 

Old-timers - by that I mean people who have lived in our Briarwood neighborhood for 20 years or more - say the water has never risen this often. Once reliably dry basements aren't so dry anymore.

Too bad I don't have a canoe. If I did, I'd start offering tours for a small gratuity. After all, I've got a kid in college and one preparing to go next year. I could use the extra pocket change.

To attract tourists, though, we'd have to change the sign at the head of the neighborhood. 

I can see it now. 

"Welcome to Lake Briarwood," it would say in big bold letters followed by the tagline, "Where Floodwaters Make the Manholes Dance!"


An overwhelmed manhole in the lower part of our neighborhood on Sunday, September 9, 2018.


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