Latest On The High Water In My Neighborhood

44 inches.

Nearly four feet.

That's a lot of water to pump out of a basement.

While I was on a walkabout with our Big Dog Rodney today, I ran into my neighbor, Dave. He was sitting in a folding chair, watching water gush from a heavy duty hose.

"44 inches," Dave said as Rodney and I approached him. "We had 44 inches total in our basement."

Dave's house is just the latest in our Martinsburg, WV neighborhood unable to keep the water out. It's been so wet this summer, that hoses draining water from homes have become a regular feature of my walks with Rodney.

The good news?

Although Rodney and I got our feet wet because water is still ponding, the road through the lower part of our neighborhood is passable once again, even though the sign says it's still closed.

My neighborhood is just one of the areas around town dealing with high water. Our local newspaper, The Journal, is quoting the Martinsburg Fire Department as saying the rain Sunday and Monday "led to many flooded basements and fallen trees." 

A woman named Estelle Matthew told the paper about her experience. 

“My crawl space is 5 feet high and there’s got to be 5 and a half feet of water. It’s in my yard and in my neighbor’s yard. I’m concerned for my neighbors, because they’re losing much more than I am.”

She went on to say that in 20 years, "I've never seen it flood this bad."

We're waterlogged. And Hurricane Florence isn't even here yet.


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